Using Wine As A Cooking Accompaniment

Using wine can help to give your food a whole new taste with your cooking. It will bring in a unique flavour to your food and also, it will highlight the taste and texture of the food. When you want to cook with wine, you will need to be extra cautious, too much of it can spoil everything and too little wine may not bring out the taste.

cooking with wine

Choosing the right wine for your food

When you want to select the type of wine to cook your food with, you will want to go for the one that you drink. Well, if you already have a bottle of the wine in the house, you can use that as your choice to cook with. The alcohol will diminish when you are cooking. For that, meaning that the flavour and quality will remain the same. There are some wines that have been developed for cooking. Such wines will be salty, spices, cheap and they will also contain some herbs. Technically, they will not improve your recipe as such. Rather than spending a lot of money for a new bottle of wine, you can use the wine that you drink in the house.

Getting rid of the alcohol

As you are cooking, not all the alcohol will evaporate. The residual alcohol concentration that will be left in the food will rely on the cooking time and process. If you take more time to cook or boil the food, most of the alcohol in the food will be eliminated. On the contrary, if you take a shorter time to boil a sauce, for example, the alcohol concentration will still be in the food.

When you are cooking using the wine, you will want to ensure that your choose the right type. Also, ensure that you boil up the sauce for long enough. Use the right pan sauce as well, ideally the non-sticky pan.